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Adria Car would like to give you some tips about driving in Slovenia. It is important to us that you have a safe and comfortable experience with our vehicle. Our car fleet is suited to satisfy even the most demanding customer.  So, begin your trip comfortably and just enjoy the ride.

Here are some important driving tips & pieces of information about driving in Slovenia.

Speed limits

  • In residential areas: 50km/h
  • Outside residential areas: 90km/h
  • Regional dual carriageways: 100km/h
  • Motorways: 130km/h

We recommend extra alertness in some residential areas, where the speed limits are sometimes 30km/h.

Radar speed cameras are stationed mainly on motorways and at tunnel entrances.  We advise you to comply with the traffic regulations.

Alcohol & driving

Our best advice is never to drink and drive. In Slovenia the penalties for drunken driving are very high. If necessary, please take note of the allowed amount of alcohol in the blood:

  • Professional drivers, vehicle drivers under 21 years of age, and drivers with less than two years of driving experience cannot exceed 0, 0‰ of alcohol in their blood.
  • For all other drivers, the  limit is 0,5‰ or  0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood (0.24 mg / liter of breath)

Other guidelines for safe driving:

  • You are obliged to use safety belts at any time on all seats that are equipped with safety belts.
  • The use of dimmed headlights is required all through the day.
  • It is not allowed to use cellphones when driving except handsfree sets.

In case of any damage or accident, please call our branch office. In case of urgent needs and accidents, please call the police on 113 or 112.

For additional information about your trip you can contact the traffic information center on 1970.